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MANISTEE Fishing Report

Septmeber 14, 2020

It’s that time of year in Manistee County where our adult King Salmon have migrated into our river systems and are being caught in good numbers. Preferred methods this time of year are floating skein under a float, casting crank baits, and bottom bouncing. As far as a report of Lake Michigan goes there are still salmon being caught around the peir heads. Offshore you can find Cohos, lake trout and steelhead still. Spoons and smaller J-plugs have been working great no matter where you’re at on Lake Michigan.
Capt. Alex Bialik

August 10, 2020

As of today good numbers of kings are being caught south of the peir heads along with good numbers of steelhead, Coho, and some lake trout. Riverside flies behind 8 inch spin doctors have been very good, along with with glow meat rigs. From 100-260FOW fishing has been consistent. More kings should continue to show up closer to the peir heads as August roles on.

Capt. Alex Bialik

July 30, 2020

Fishing out of the port of Manistee has been spotty but water temps are starting to set up nicely with a lot of bait so it shouldn’t be too long till the Kings arrive in big numbers. Lake trout fishing is also becoming spotty as water is heating up. Kings are biting glow spoons, Flies, and meat rigs in the early morning.

Capt. Alex Bialik

July 13, 2020

Fishing from Manistee-Arcadia has been the same out of each port. As fast as the Kings showed up they have left. We had fantastic Salmon fishing for about 5 days and as the weekend showed up it died right off. As of today the lake temp moved a ton and temperatures changed fast after the big north blow.
When kings were around, green spoons were working best along with some meat rigs. Lake trout Fishing stays consistent and straight out of each port you can find plenty of Lake trout. With more consistent weather and more bait showing up everyday the Kings should return as we get closer to the month of August.
Captain Alex Bialik

July 6, 2020

Kings are starting to up in Manistee, Onekama, and Arcadia on the shelf. We have had very consistent and warm weather over the past week which has set up a good temperature and good fishing. Kings (when you can find them) are biting mag spoons, meat rigs, and flies in the early part of the morning and later In the evening.  Trout fishing remains the same and limits are being taken often.  The trout fishing should remain consistent for the most part until the water gets too warm and fish move on. The King fishing should only get better as we get into the hot days of July and get closer to August.
Captain Alex Bialik

June 29, 2020

As the 4th of July weekend approaches and a great turn out for the Budweiser classic tournament comes to an end we come to you with this report.
Manistee, Onekama, and Arcadia are all on the same programs until our water sets up a little better. A great Lake Trout bite is still going on with a few kings mixed in and steelhead. Lake trout are being caught on the shelf from bottom all the way to 40 feet down. Kings can be caught on the shelf early or lake and during mid day you can stumble across a few offshore in some deeper water. Spoons, meat rigs, and flies are all working.
Capt. Alex Bialik

June 15, 2020

Fishing in Manistee County has been spectacular as of late if you’re looking to target Lake trout. From Manistee all the way to Arcadia Lake Trout are being caught in various depths on the shelf. If you’re looking for Kings you may have to do some searching because it has been hit or miss but with a little more consistent weather they may show back up any day. The Kings have been coming on spoons right at first light and shutting down as the sun gets up above the shore line. Lake trout have been biting all day and coming on various lures.

Capt. Alex Bialik



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