Small Boat Tournament

Calling all Small Boats!!! It is our time to shine!

The Small Boat Big Fish Tournament is scheduled for May 14, 2022! You know what that means! Spring Browns, Lakers, Steelhead, and of course, a chance at an early spring King, right along our wonderful beaches of Lake Michigan! There are many of us that already take part in this early season big lake fishery, so why not make it a little more fun?!

A $500 guaranteed 1st place payout provided by Smoker Craft for the biggest fish caught. This tournament is meant to bring out all of us that are already out there doing what we love, and join as a community and do it together. This is a low pressure, small boat tournament, that is sure to be a lot of fun! Boats sizes between 14ft and 22ft in length are all eligible to fish! Captain’s Meeting is May 13th at Insta-Launch. Rules and Registration Form: Download Here

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2017 Small Boat

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The last time we held the Small Boat Tournament was in 2017. Below are the results:

Name Boat Weight STD
Michael Linke Good News Too 22.65 1
Mike Kroulk Flying Hellfish 19.35 2
Mike Gamache Grumps 19.30 3
Mike Mastrianni Reel Thing 17.90 4
Fred Chartier Lake Buzzard 3 14.50 5
Scott Heintzelman 10.90 0
Tony Cosby COS 9.35 0
Alan Spalding Foregiveness 5.35 0
Ken Franklin First Light 0.00 0
Dan Romer Bobcat 0.00 0